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Empowering Cybersecurity in Generative AI

Leading-Edge Insights
Dive into cutting-edge cybersecurity and Generative AI topics to stay ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Understanding
Explore critical areas like Generative AI, the metaverse, third-party risk, DevSecOps, and bias in AI for a holistic view of cybersecurity challenges.

Proactive Risk Management
Learn to address emerging threats in Generative AI and employ proactive strategies to safeguard digital assets.

Strategic Impact
Understand how GRC and internal audit professionals influence key issues and enhance cybersecurity practices in businesses.

Hybrid Networking
Engage in a hybrid event for accessibility, connect with industry experts, and expand your professional network.

Mastering Cybersecurity in the Age of Generative AI
Equip yourself with knowledge and strategies to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape in the context of Generative AI contributing to your organisation’s security and success.

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